Happy 2017!


Happy 2017 everyone!  2016 certainly was an interesting year.  A myriad of celebrity deaths rocked headline after headline. Violence and tension between the police and the public.  Race tensions around the country.  A contentious election full of name calling, scandalous accusations, and the election of a reality show star president.  Around the globe, violence and war continue to rage.  Yes, there was a lot that cast a pretty dark cloud.  Like, a tornado-is-coming get to the cellar kind of a cloud.  Shut the goddamn door Antie Em, before it sweeps us all away!

In the midst of the global (and personal, because I’m sure you all faced some shit last year. I know I did.) badness, there was a lot of good.  I know we have already ushered in the New Year, but instead of the “good riddance” mentality, take a minute to reflect on some of the good things that happened, both globally and personally.  They are there.  There was enough kindness and happiness in your life in the past 365 days to help you cope with the Election of Donald Trump and the loss of David Bowie, Princess Leia, and Prince.  I’m sure of it.

But back to the issue at hand….. HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We ushered in 2017 with a New Year’s Eve family dinner that was low-key, quiet, and completely perfect.  The house was full of the sounds of cracking lobsters, face stuffing, and cackling laughter.  On New Year’s Day we celebrated the way we have for as many years as I can remember now – with a 10 mile run and a dip in Long Island Sound.  The annual Mystic New Year’s Day (unorganized, costumes encouraged, bring your noise-makers and booze) run starts in downtown Mystic at the Johnny Kelly statue and ends at Esker Point Beach with a dip in the water for the more hardy souls to start the new year out fresh (and shivering).  We extend the 3 mile running party by adding some mileage before the run;  a tradition I’ve had with one of my BFF’s for many years now and wouldn’t miss for the world.

So, cheers to traditions, happiness, and health.  May your 2017 be full of adventure, kindness, and good things.  But don’t forget – it’s up to YOU to make that happen.





  • Run Colby Run January 3, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    My only regret is that we were not present for the run, costumes, booze and ample laughs. TO A NEW YEAR FILLED WITH ADVENTURE!!!! Yipppeeee!

    • Carly January 3, 2017 at 2:58 pm

      Cheers!!! To FUN!!!

      • Run Colby Run January 3, 2017 at 3:08 pm

        And beer. And laughter. And head stands on remote beaches. xoxoxo

        • Carly January 3, 2017 at 3:10 pm

          Ha! *googles yoga videos and starts practicing* – I can’t stop giggling. This year is gonna be GREAT.


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