So….. yeah.  My knee still hurts.  It’s a little better, but by no means in any sort of running shape.  It’s painful to walk, even just around the house (those of you who have seen our house know that this should not be a painful experience. We’re not talking a mansion here.)
My MRI is scheduled for Wednesday…. hoping for good news (and more importantly, less pain).  Fingers crossed!!  Initial thought is a Lateral Collateral Ligament sprain – hoping there’s not too much badness going on in this little knee of mine.

In the meantime, I’m trying to busy myself with cross-training – strength training (obviously avoiding most of the lower body stuff, dabbling in things the knee can tolerate) and hitting the spinning bike (which still hurts a little. but not that bad.  really.  it’s ok.).  Exercising inside….. ew.  Not my thing.  But I’m trying to be a good girl and not go out and do dumb things and make the situation worse.  So, the controlled environment of the spinning bike it is.  

Which leads me to today’s session.  Watched the second half of “Without Limits” today on the bike, which is one of the movies about Steve Prefontaine.  Those of you who know the story (and if you don’t…. seriously.  Please google Steve Prefontaine. Right. Now.)  know that it does not so much have a happy ending.  So there I was… a certifiable hot mess on a spin bike, alternating between yelling at the TV about races that happened in the 1970’s and crying like a baby in anticipation of the ending.  Yeah, this does NOT happen when I am running outside.  

Hoping to keep up the motivation and inspiration with movies like this (though maybe not such tragic stories?) while on the bike.  Pass along your suggestions! 

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