Blog hiatus is officially over!

I’m baaaaaaaack 🙂  Not that I went anywhere….  but my very entertaining (well, I think so anyway) took a little break for the summer.  But now the temperature is dropping, leaves are sneaking in their Fall colors, and I’m back at the blogging!

Just wanted to post a quick little “hello” and brief update about what I’ve been up to for the past couple of months.  After opting out of the 100 once and for all I buckled down and focused on getting healthy from a running perspective.  Lots of strength training, walk/run sessions, and…. I’m back to happily running pain-free.  Feeling stronger than ever, and excited to see where this new focus and hard work will take me 🙂

I’ve done some pretty fun stuff over the summer.  Camping, hiking, tearing up Vegas, celebrating weddings, and just overall enjoying life.  I will be sharing reports of some of that, starting with a hike/trip report of our summit of Mount Madison for Flags on the 48 , which should be up for your viewing enjoyment in the next day or so.

Little preview of the hike… laughing in the face of danger 🙂

Besides having lots o’ fun, I’m also getting ready for the Vermont 50 , which is one of my faaaaaavorite events ever!  There are only a couple of weeks to go before race day, and I’ll be updating what I’ve been doing, what I will be doing, and of course, a report of the race!   I can’t wait!  So until then – everyone do your best “cool Fall weather” dance for September 30, and stay tuned for more updates from the trails 🙂

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