Detox Day 5… I’m still alive!

Greetings from extremely healthy diet world!  I’m happy to say that I have made it to day 5 in one piece.  I certainly miss my coffee, but overall I’m doing pretty well.  

There have been many temptations along the way so far, but I’ve  been  a good girl. I even made it through a night shift with NO delicious, freshly baked, chocolate-y treats.  Not a one.  There was even a freshly made cannoli (seriously… someone was squeezing the guts into a fresh cannoli shell.  In the middle of the night.). And what did I say to this delicious, gooey, creamy, pastry delight?  “No thank you”.  (in the most pathetic voice possible, mind you).  “No thank you” to the brownies, chips, dip, pizza, buttery popcorn, dark chocolate (eek! my favorite!), etc, etc,etc.  I better stop…. I’m getting PTSD just thinking about all of this!  No beer during a snow-pocalypse?  Absurd!

But seriously.  My energy levels have been good, and running is going very well.  I have to say, giving up all of these tasty treats have been easier than I thought. I’m not reaching for ice cream, cookies, or other sugary, carb-y treats for my after work snack.  Instead, I’m snacking on almonds, olives, hummus, fruit, fruit, fruit, and eggs… for example.  I have not felt overly hungry at any point during this detox journey.  I think all of the veggies and fiber I have been eating have been keeping me full, and I’m comfortably eating less than I usually do.

This detox has enlightened me to the diet choices i have been making on a regular basis, and how that has been impacting my running performance and overall health and energy.  While I certainly won’t be forgoeing all  things sugary, boozy, and delicious forever, I will definitely be reaching for those things in much more moderation than before.  My idea of “moderation” has changed for sure.  I want to run well and stay healthy, and that means reaching for the healthy stuff most of the time.  But you better believe I’ll still be treating myself… just probably saving that for after a long run, instead of after a long work shift or just out of sheer boredom.

We are riding out a blizzard here, I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!!  

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