Headin’ North

Away we go to Vermont, for one of my crazy ass adventures. Tomorrow I’m taking on the Peak Snowshoe half marathon in Pittsfield, Vermont – http://peakraces.peak.com/snowshoe/ (I had a moment of sanity and dropped from the full marathon to the half. There is also a 10k at the same time, and a 100 miler that started at 8 am this morning!! Something for all of us crazies out there).

I really have no idea what I’m getting myself into, but it should be fun! The snow has been falling there and it sounds like a nice winter weekend is in store.

I refuse to analyze the course maps and profile, or look at last year’s times. Doing something for the very first time is such a cool thing… You can be completely free of pressure or expectations (especially when you are strapping snowshoes to your feet and attempting to run for hours). I’m just hoping to finish respectably in one piece :-). It also helps that I will have lots of crazy snowshoe running friends to share this adventure with!

Good luck to everyone tomorrow… My race report with lots of pictures will be coming (after some celebratory beers of course!!)

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