To Skirt? or not to Skirt…

That?  is the question.  Or is it.  Yesterday one of my fabulous friends/coworker/fellow runner turned to me after returning from a race and asked the ever important question…. “running skirts – do you like ’em?”.  Our consensus was we are both solidly in the “no skirt” camp.   

(unless, of course, you are wonder woman.  In which case obviously you should rock the shit out of your skirt.)

I find the whole running skirt thing a very interesting part of running fashion.  They are certainly not new… on the contrary, they seem to be taking over the women’s running world, one frill at a time.   I love me a sassy pattern.  Bright obnoxiously colored outfits?  Sign me up.  Did you say skulls?  yessssss please!

But the skirts.   I just. can’t.  

I have no real reason for my outright refusal to even try a running skirt.  Maybe its because I am not a particularly girly girl to begin with?  I don’t wear skirts very often in real life, so why would I strap one on to go for a run, right?  Or maybe its because they just don’t sound very comfortable.  Why do I want to wear something with two layers when I can wear one?  Maybe it’s the whole…. “why do I need to wear something that further separates us from the boys” thing.  I really, honestly, don’t know.  But I have tossed around the idea of giving one a try for years, and I just can’t do it. 

There are SO many different kinds out there.  Most “regular” sporting apparel companies make some sort of skirt.  And there are companies dedicated only to running/athletic skirts. 

There are ruffly ones…
Lululemon pace setter skirt –

 Skirts with pleats…
Skirt Sports Jette Skirt –

And sparkly ones…
Shit.  Those sparkle athletic ones are more than a little awesome.  probably because they are a little more tutu-like… and I love a good tutu.  And they also make spangly visors.  I may be in love…. but I digress….
I could go on forever.  There are super techy ones.  The North Face Pearl iZumiSalomonLa Sportiva.  And many, many more.  They’ve all got skirts.  You can get them with under-shorts; briefs; capris; tights;  or nothin’ at all.

Don’t get me wrong. This is not any kind of attack on those who wear running skirts.  If the skirt is your thing, skirt on, sistah.  There are some suuuuuuper fly fast, bad ass chicks tearing up the trails in said skirts.  Rory Bosio won the UTMB TWO years in a row in the North Face running skirt.  Anna Frost and Emelie Forsberg run mountainous circles around their competition in the Salomon skort.  Larisa Dannis, newly crowned US 50 mile road champion frequently runs blazing times in the Pearl iZumi skirt.  Catra Corbett, bad ass dirt diva, tears it UP in skirts.  There are so many others… the list could go on and on.  TONS of speedy, bad ass, idol-worthy broads running mountains, getting dirty, and winning races in running skirts.  

So ya.  I have no idea why I haven’t tried one.  Or have no real desire to.  So tell me…

Do you run in skirts?  Are you a skirt only, or do you dabble in shorts too.  What do you love about them?  Favorite brand?  Convince me!

Now if you’ll pardon me… I have to go order myself  spangly visor.  And a runsie.  Because a running romper?  Is definitely where it’s at. 

lululemon runsie –

P.S. – sorry to disappoint.   A quick search of the googles has revealed that there are no runsies to be had on lululemon’s site.  Try not to cry yourself to sleep tonight.

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