Time Flies! Welcome Winter 2015


Welcome, Winter 2015!

Yikes.  Not sure how that happened….. I blinked, and December and January disappeared!  It is some crazy shit how time flies.  Whether you are having fun or not.  Which, incidentally, I have been.  

I was in the mood to fire up the blog and share some of the silliness that has been the past couple of months for us.  Whether you want to know or not.  So…. buckle up and let’s see what kind of excitement I have been having (spoiler alert… it ain’t that exciting.  sorry.  it’s been fun though, I swear).

In the middle of December I headed to Smuggler’s Notch, VT for a girl’s weekend and snowshoe adventure.  They had gotten smacked with a pretty great snowstorm just before, so we had a freaking blast!

When on your way up 91 into VT one MUST stop at Harpoon for food and beer.  Always.

 Then Christmas came.  So much fun to decorate and celebrate in our new house! 

We took a trip to visit family in the Poconos, and got to check out Hickory Run State Park, which has a huge boulder field left behind from a passing glacier.  I also snuck a run in on the dirt roads.  There were lots of trails that I was dying to explore… we will have to save that for the next time 🙂

We rung in the New Year with our annual 10 mile run and plunge into the sound.  It was chilly, windy, and awesome as usual.  Can’t imagine starting the year any other way.  

One of my first orders of business in the New Year was to sign up for the Pan Mass Challenge.  I’m back in, baby!  Click my link to donate and help me kick cancer’s ass.

Winter was slow to arrive, so we got plenty of running and hiking in, as well as some mountain biking.  It’s been fun to figure out our new nearby trails.

We just got HAMMERED with a blizzard this week, that dumped 2 feet of snow and trapped me at work for two days (yuck…. slept on a hospital stretcher… yuck.)  

my car in the hospital parking lot

It has been a BLAST to play in the snow, especially since we can’t always count on a snowy winter in Southern New England.  We love it, the dogs love it… Hooooray!!!

group night snowshoe fun

 And now that we are all dug out and in fun mode, and ready to go back to work tomorrow?  Another snowstorm.  Or something.   They don’t know.

I have no (none.  zip.  zero.  nada.)  “big” races or events in the near future.  It feels pretty good to exercise for the fun of it.  No panic at how I’m going to get a double digit run in with 2 feet of snow falling. No “runfies” with my mileage and pace prominently displayed.  I haven’t even been wearing a watch, nevermind a garmin, etc.  I am thoroughly enjoying this whole fun thing.  Time to plan for some spring trail races, some cycling events, and some hiking.  I’m slowly goal-setting for the upcoming year.  We will see what that brings!!

Coffee and a map of the Whites.  Planning a winter hike!

Get out and have some fun.  Seriously.  It’s good for the soul.

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