2015, Where did you go?

I have left this blog a little sad and lonely.  It has been quite a while since I’ve logged on here and shared any of my races, adventures, or completely random disorganized thoughts.

I’m not gonna lie… this was fed by a pretty solid mix of laziness, writer’s block, and simply enjoying myself without bothering to write it all down.  Every time I finished something fun I would think…. “that would make a great post”.  And then I would go do something else.   And now here I am, with lots of blank pages.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed about where to start – so, I will start where I am (which, incidentally, is on the couch in my pj’s with a fire going and Homeland on.  In case you were wondering).  

I fully intend to go back and write race reports and reviews of the big stuff I’ve done.   I find other people’s to be immensely helpful, and I always hope someone out there has found my shared thoughts useful.  But until then, here is a little pictorial tour of the second half of 2015.  

Escarpment Trail Run


On July 26 I checked a box off of my Northeast trail running “bucket list” and ran the Escarpment trail run.  This will definitely get its own report, but until then here are a few shots from the weekend.  What a challenge!

Pan-Mass Challenge


Ah, the PMC!!!!  I rode for my second year in this incredibly inspiring event.  Happiness is hope for a cancer cure on two wheels.

Vermont 50


I have such love for this race.  This year was most definitely one of the tops.  Stellar weather and PR’s for the entire household.  Woot woot!!

Flags on the 48


This year we hiked Mt. Osceola and East Osceola as part of this 9/11 memorial in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  

Athens Marathon


I ran my first road marathon.  In Athens, GREECE!!!!   The country was absolutely amazing. The marathon?  surface of the sun hot, in the middle of the road, with no shade.  Not terribly scenic.  I felt (and likely looked) like a desiccated version of Frank the Tank.  But I finished in Olympic stadium.  And did I mention it was in GREECE?  Wasn’t sure.

And so, in summary,  it has been a freaking amazing year.  Here’s to getting out there and having some fun!  Every year just keeps getting better and better – Happy Holidays, do what you love, and make 2016 even more stellar.  

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