Tough Mudder!

The good times have continued!  Not only did I start the Tough Mudder at Mount Snow in Vermont on Saturday, but I was able to finish the whole thing (minus one obstacle….. running up a half-pipe ramp and catapulting to the top on this knee was just not wise, and was not going to happen).  I even finished without having to be carried! (Seriously… I was a little rough in the beginning, which started straight uphill.  My team was working out strategies to carry me.  A nice dunk in some icy water cooled off the knee though, and I was all good from there!)

A short synopsis of the day – 10 miles of “running” (aka – trudging very slowly) up and down the side of the mountain through miles of ankle to knee-deep sticky mud, broken up by mentally and physically challenging obstacles that I never would have made it through without my fantastically, fabulously, amazingly awesome team.  Many of the obstacles consist of a variety of ways to dip you into freezing cold water (swimming through a tank full of colored water and ice cubes;  jumping off a 15 foot platform into a snow run-off pond;  greasy wet monkey bars over a pool of water;  etc, etc, etc.).  In between you do a little wall scaling, get shocked by electrical wires a few times, and do lots and lots and lots and lots of hill climbing.  All in all, a nice little way to spend a Saturday!  I’m not going to go into a big ol’ review of the entire course and every obstacle – if you want to know, you better get your butt to Vermont and try it for yourself!! 😉

I do have to give a big, huge shout out of thanks to my Mudder team – I’ve had some of the most fun evah with this group.  Thanks to all of you guys for helping me through it, by taking turns hanging back with me when I was limping up/down the mountain, for throwing me over things I couldn’t do myself and then gently lowering me down the other side, and for making me laugh hysterically the entire time.  I can’t wait for our next adventure!

Team Ghetto Van 2012! 

Now that that’s over and I made it in one piece, it’s back to the original goal – get ready for the 100!!!  I’m back to running somewhat normally, and will hopefully be able to start ramping up the mileage soon. 

This week’s goal:
1)  two back to back moderate (10ish mile) runs
2)  make sure that I get some runs in when on the night shift (which starts tomorrow night)

Here we go!

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