Week in Review: Week -11

Things have been going very well!  The combination of physical therapy, strength training, stretching, and easing back into running seems to be working.  Which means….. it’s time to get it in gear if I really hope to make it through the 100 in July.   My training has picked up, but nowhere near where it needs to be.  I’m hoping that my strong base of miles prior to this little mishap and a smart training schedule for the next 10 weeks will get me to where I’ll need to be.  Can I be ready to run 100 miles in 10 weeks?  We’ll find out!

Week -11 (5/6-5/12) Summary:
Sunday:  post-mudder day, took the day off
Monday:  2.5 dirt track miles in my new “barefoot” shoes, New Balance WT 10’s (more on this little project to come….)
Tuesday/Wednesday: Worked 12 hour shifts, couldn’t get it together to get up in time for a run – this is an area that needs work!
Thursday: 9.5 mile road run (ew. road.)
Friday: 8.5 mile trail run (faaaaabulous!)
Saturday: 3 dirt track “barefoot” mile 

Not the most impressive week ever, but it’s a step in the right direction for sure.  Time to keep this momentum going.   I definitely overcame some obstacles;  two decent consecutive runs, and I also managed to get a workout in on all of my night shift days.  Not bad!  And most importantly, my knee has been improving tremendously every day – I hesitate to say it, but I’m allllmost back to normal!  Woooo hoooo!!!!  

I’m hoping that setting some weekly goals will help me to stay on track, so…..

Week 10 goals:

1.  Increase mileage of back to back long runs
2.  3 strength training sessions 
3.  Hill workout
4. Try not to eat my body weight in french toast sticks and bacon after the night shift (ok…. I may  have already blown this one this morning.  nobody’s perfect).


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