Week -10…..Balancing Act

Ups and downs can always be expected when training for any kind of event… some days (weeks?) are just not going to feel that great.  And while it is never fun to be stuck in one of those days (…or weeks), it is important to maintain perspective and keep moving forward.  

One of my biggest obstacles when it comes to maintaining my training schedule is my job (which I think is true for a lot of us out there).  I love what I do (mostly – those of you who work with me know, it certainly has its moments).  That being said, I have a pretty demanding job with very long days.  It can be very difficult to find the time and energy for a decent run when your workday already takes up 10-12 hours of the day.  Add in a complete and utter disregard for nutrition and hydration during the workday (a bag of peanut m&m’s and a hardboiled egg are an excellent lunch, right?  I’m sorry, did someone say vegetable?  No thank you.  I will, however, have some of your cheetos….and just ooooonnne more coffee.  I swear.) and you have a recipe for a great case of physical and mental blaaahhhhh. 

The best cure for this blah-ness is a good workout…. even if I have to reeeeeally talk myself into getting out of bed for it.  My mind, body, and my patients (and patience?) will all thank me for it in the end!  It can be tough to give up some sleep or coffee time for this, but it is soooo worth it.  And to those of you who can sneak in a workout during your lunch break (I’ve heard of these anyway…. this is where you get to stop working and sit down and eat, right?)…… I envy you. So, so very much.  

So on this note, last week was not overly impressive….. but here it is, Week 10 in review.  The weeks are ticking by, WAY too fast!!!

Sunday:  30 minutes of strength training
Monday:  45 minute run (post night shift, not too shabby considering)
Tuesday:  Interval workout on the track, total of around 7 miles – pretty good!
Wednesday: 6 mile trail run at Gay City state park in Hebron (very nice loop of single track, was hoping to do more but was running out of daylight – and starving.  running at dinnertime?  not a great idea for me)
Thursday: 12 hour workday.  no workout.  boo.
Friday: 10 trail miles at Bluff Point – big shout out to Kate Singer for the company, and her first ever 10 miler!  woot woot! 
Saturday: Another 12 hour workday.  no workout. double boo.

Total miles for the week were around 30-ish.  Feeling very unsatisfied, but I have some days off from work to compensate for that.  On the up-side, my knee is feeling fantastic, no more pain at all.   I suppose easing into things is not such a bad thing.  Hoping this coming week gives me the confidence and fitness boost I need.  

Week 9 Goals:

1.  Up the mileage
2.  Add in some double session days to increase long runs
3.  Hills, hills, hills

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