Moving along…

I must admit, I haven’t been a very good blogger lately.  Mostly because I’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern as far as running is concerned.  i.e., I haven’t been. at all.  not even a little bit.  Which has been surprisingly ok (except for the few moments where I totally lost my mind – but I recovered quickly).   I really thought I would be losing it by now, going almost an entire month without running!  But I’ve been working hard at “phase one” of my program developed by  Al Lyman and Dr. Kurt Strecker at Pursuit Athletic Performance and I’m finally feeling some of the effects 🙂  I can tell I’m getting stronger, more stable, and ready to rock!! 

Most of my exercises are floor based (planks, bridges, etc…)  And this is my view during all of it 🙂

In  the meantime, I’ve been filling my time with lots of good stuff!  I’ve been doing lots of cycling – I almost forgot how much I love biking, but this has given me a chance to get back into it.  It’s always been a great way to cross-train and keep myself strong, and also a great way to spend some active time with my husband (who is an awesome cyclist… but not such a big fan of running with me 😉 )  

I also got to take a sweet trip up to Killington, VT to cheer on Anthony and his cycling team CLR (Check them out! ) as they took on the challenging Killington Stage Race.  It was awesome to take on the supporting role and do a lot of yelling, cheering, cooking, and water feeds for the boys.  Got to do a great hike up Killington as well, and it was strangely nice to not be worried about how I was going to be able to fit in a long run in a strange place around their racing.  I hiked, biked, did my strength work, and had a great time!!

Beautiful view from the top of Killington via the Bucklin trail

I’m feeling surprisingly relaxed (well, except one minor mini-meltdown last week. Lots of work shifts + realizing I’m attempting a 100 mile run in a little over a month = not good.  It’s fine.  I’m over it.)  I’m doing this for the fun and the challenge of it, and I will be stepping up to the starting line on July 21st with a smile on my face, ready to go as far as I’m able.  Hopefully that will be all the way!!!  

Monday is my 4 week “check up” with Kurt and Al.  I’m feeling good and can’t wait to start Level 2 of my training and my official return to running!!!  It’s going to be a great summer 🙂

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