Good things to come

I’m happy to report that things are going very well. I passed my “checkup” and am moving on to the next level, starting out with a new set of strength circuits and some running!  🙂  I definitely have a new perspective on my training since beginning my work with Kurt and Al at Pursuit Athletic Performance.  Gone is the panicky “I’m not running far enough” feeling.  I am more focused on my strength and movement;  working on  improving they way I move in all aspects of life will lead to better strength and endurance when the going gets tough, running-wise.  I know this approach will help me to get through the events I have planned in the immediate future, as well as (hopefully!) for years to come.

I finally restarted running this week (and am continuing the cycling and strength training as well, of course).  Having someone to guide me through my training, keep me accountable when I get lazy, and help me set my goals for the future has been fantastic!!  I’m feeling really good about the plan, my running future, and maybe even trying out some actual racing in the months to come! (I think I remember how to be competitive?)

But for now, I’m focused on getting my running form into gear.  (notice I didn’t say getting “back” my running form – after seeing that on camera, I don’t want that wiggly, wonky stride back in my life.  Sorry old running legs – we have officially broken up).  I have started out with a progression of my strength training and some run/walk sessions, helping to keep me focused on my posture and form instead of slumping back into my old ways on a nice 10 or 20 miler.  I will admit, I’m itching to get out and do some distance, but I need to do it RIGHT this time.  No more limping through the finish of my events sore, hurt, and discouraged. 

I’m looking forward to the 100 still, which (I know, I know!) is totally crazy.  But, I’m signed up, paid, and will be hitting the starting line on July 21 ready to go as far as my body will let me.  If I don’t make it the whole way,  there’s always next year.  But I’ve already started to look past this event and set some goals for the rest of the year.  I’m ready to dedicate myself to some serious training, and see where this takes me!

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