Lemonade, Anyone?

You know the old saying… “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”.  In other words, stop being so damn pessimistic, and look for the positive aspects of your situation.  Make the best of what you’ve got.  Life happens.  Things happen.  They always will.  It’s how we react to these things that counts. 

I decided a little while ago to force myself to let go of negativity, the best that I could.  To stop myself whenever I start to complain about something completely inconsequential and trivial, and remind myself that it could be a whoooooole lot worse.  And to remind myself of the good, and all of the good things and people I have around me.  At first, it was a little tough (I’m a bit of a sarcastic broad, and could be prone to complainy-ness from time to time) but it got easier and easier.  Now?  I don’t have to remind myself that life is good.  Because I see it around me, every day. 

Case in point… let’s break down my week so far, and practice our powers of positive thinking. This week has not exactly been the best of times.  I’ll lay out the “bad”, and then counter with the good.  Then your turn 😉

1.  Woke up on Saturday morning to a sick dog and a wicked cough/cold, at the start of a week off from work.

  • I have an unplanned week off from work.  In the middle of July.  For no good reason.  What other profession gets that?  I can live with the sniffles.  They will pass.   

2.  Spent all of Saturday and Sunday shuttling to various vets, with said sick dog.  Lost weekend and small fortune later, pooch was on the mend and home from the emergency vet.

  • My poor buddy was sick… and luckily I was off from work and had all the time in the world to deal with it, without the additional stress of having to work.  And, I can absorb a ridiculous vet bill without too much trouble.  Ideal?  No.  But the pooch is better, and you can’t put a price on the health and life of my furry BFF’s.  


Seriously… What a face.  Worth every penny, and then some.

3.  Between the heat (seriously… heat wave… again), my blossoming bronchitis (Ain’t nobody got time for that!), and the sick pooch, my running plans for the week went spiraling down the drain.

  • A few missed runs will not make or break me.  Not ideal, especially with the long races coming up, but better to be healed and get quality runs in, than wear myself down and make things worse.  Besides… I could melt out there.  Seriously.  

4.  I Fiiiinnnnally got out for a run yesterday.  And it was hot.  And sweaty.  And I got attacked by a pack of rabid mosquitoes and black flies.  Honestly, who forgets the bug spray on a day like that???

Caution…  Tree limb down.  In the woods.  Uhmmm… yah. 
  • I got out for a run!  ’nuff said.  7 sweaty ass miles, but I was moving.  And it was mostly in the woods.  And the fanged terrors that were buzzing around me distracted me from the fact that I was quite possibly melting in the 90+ degree heat. Seriously, those things are frightening.  Quite sure much of my running actually looked like some sort of disco-inspired interpretive dance, with a lot of shoulder slapping (much like my “regular” dancing does.  It’s fine.)  Though luckily, I have somehow, in my old age, developed a resistance to bug bites.  So, no itchy welts today.  And I didn’t end up with heat stroke.  And I got to spend a good 2 miles devising some sort of plan to render flies and mosquitoes extinct.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.  
Bluff Point. Great place to run.  Bring your DEET.

So, there you have it.  The powers of positive thinking at work.  Point is, I could have spent every day complaining about what was “happening to me”.  But I forced myself out of it, and feel much better for it.   All of these happy thoughts have turned me into quite the ray of sunshine… or something.  I think so, anyway.  Moral of the story?  Start picking out the good in every situation.   It’s always there!  Most of us really don’t have it so bad at all.  In fact, we have it pretty damn good.  Good health, good family and friends, a good career…. yea.  I have it pretty damn fabulously awesomely great, actually.   Certainly no room to complain about anything, when I look around and see people dealing with some really terrible situations.

captured this on the way home from the emergency vet.  My lil’ ray of sunshine 🙂

Ok… so now it’s your turn.  Remember… things happen.  They always will.  Turn those lemons into a delicious frosty beverage.  And enjoy!  And if you really have to work hard to make your lemonade on a particularly crappy day?  Throw a little grey goose in there.  And some fresh mint leaves, to make it look all fancy.

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