Pre-Race Jitters

Tomorrow I take on my longest challenge yet… the inaugural Hampshire 100k ultra run in Greenfield, NH.  This has been a 100 mile/100k mountain bike for the past 7 years, and this year they decided to add a run into the mix. It sounded fun (well, at least a few months ago it did.  Not sure whether I was drinking at the time of sign up.  It’s possible.) so I’m in!  I’m used to mixing it up with mountain bikers in the Vermont 50, so this aspect will be fun… as long as they are nice and don’t try to run me over. 

I’ve been trying to channel my super nervous twitchiness into useful activities, like making a 3 page packing list (in my defense… we will be vacationing afterward.  lot of packing logistics.  but most of the list was for the race.  Don’t want to forget anything! Or the 4 duplicates I packed… juuuust in case.).  I am a nutcase about race prep and packing… probably the only aspect of my life that has any sort of organization and method.  Even though I milked this for all it’s worth, I’ve still been pacing around like a little jumping bean.  I printed my race packet and highlighted/tabbed all of my reference areas.  And then re-read it.  And then calculated potential times and paces.  And then freaked out a little.  It’s fine.

I’m a little more nervous for this one for a number of reasons.  

1.  This is the longest race I will have attempted so far.  100k (62 miles).  

2.  It is in August.  I hate the heat.  But it looks like I am going to be blessed with a pretty perfect day… highs near 80, some clouds, and dry.  Thank you, Weather Gods!

3.  There is a 14 hour cutoff.  Which sounds like a long time.  But not really. I hope it’s long enough for me! 

4.  My last race was a DNF.  Trying not to let that little black cloud drift over my head.  Not exactly the best confidence boost.  Bah.

I’ve been feeling good, and am as ready as I’m gonna be.  I would have liked to get a couple more long runs in, but it is what it is.  At least my legs are rested, right!?!  Away to New Hampshire we go… hoping to be composing a very excellent FINISHER’s race report after tomorrow!!  At the very least….. it should be a beautiful day for a beautiful run.  I’ve got lots of support behind me, and I’m ready to rock and roll!

I am one lucky broad 🙂  My “crew” is the best!


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