Greetings and Happy 2014!

Hellllooooo Friends!!

Time to blow the dusty ass cobwebs off of this dormant blog and get back to it.  I hope everyone out there had a fabulous end to their 2013, and an even better start to the new year!  

Starting the year off right, as always… New Year’s day Mystic run and dip in the LI Sound

I have to say, my running motivation seriously took a hit after the Vermont 50 (see extremely belated race report hereIt has been a very slow process getting back into the swing of things, and I’m still very much working on it.  

I pushed myself out of  my comfort zone last year with a lot of ultra races.  This really made me explore my limits and realize what I am (and sometimes, am not) capable of.  It also made me really, really, reeeeally tired.  By the end of it, I was tired of running.  Which sucks, because it is one of my most favorite things on the planet.  

So, enter 2014.  Time to shake things up.  Time to have some fun.  I will definitely do some big runs this year, but nothing early on.  I’ve also decided to try something completely different… I signed up for the Pan Mass Challenge!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to Nicole (check out her awesome blog….  for inspiring me to join in this crazy-awesome ride.  I can’t wait.   In August I will park my butt in the bike saddle and ride 192 miles from Sturbridge to Provincetown, Mass.  to help raise funds for the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber Cancer Center.  That is a long way for this lil’ ol’ runner to go on two wheels!  A freaking amazing opportunity to support an even more freaking amazing cause.  But, of course, I can’t do it alone.  I will be calling on all of your for your support!!!  Check it out, get on board, and donate 🙂 🙂 🙂 … Lives depend on it.  

And, of course…. get outside and have some fun!  

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