Pan Mass Challenge 2014 – Ready to Ride!
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 As I mentioned in my last post, this year I have decided to try something completely new to me.  I have been thinking about doing this ride for a few years now, and finally decided to pull the trigger and go for it this year.  
I am soooooo excited to become  part of the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC).  This will be a challenging, humbling, and inspiring experience that I’m sure will become a yearly tradition.
As I embark on my journey to train, prepare, and fund-raise for this amazing cause, I wanted to share a little about the PMC and why I chose to ride.
1.  What is the PMC? 

The Pan Mass Challenge is a bike-a-thon in Massachusetts that serves as a major fundraiser for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  Click here for more information about where the funds raised go.  100% of all funds raised by riders goes to fund cancer research and treatment at Dana Farber.  
2. Where and how far am I riding?  
I will be riding 192 miles over 2 days, from Sturbridge to Provincetown.  For this little runner, that’s a long way to ride!!  I’ve got my work cut out for me over the next 6 months, and I can’t wait!   

3.  Why am I riding?
This is a big question, and one I will be answering in parts over the next several months.  In short…
         I will ride to honor all of my family, friends, coworkers, friends of friends, and people I have never met and will never get the chance to meet who have had to face cancer. You are not alone.

         I will ride because I love my bike.  And I can use my love of athletic challenges and the generosity of all of you to help raise funds to support this awesome cause.

         I will ride because cancer sucks.

         I will ride because hope is good.  Because everyone deserves joy, laughter, and love. Not the devastation  and darkness that cancer so often symbolizes.    
Over the coming weeks and months I will be highlighting some of the more specific reasons I will be riding, as well as updates on my training and fundraising.  
I am counting on the generosity of all of those around me to help me reach my fundraising goal.  Put your money to good use, and help me pedal my way across Massachusetts, stomping on cancer every step of the way.
Please click HERE to donate to my ride.  Thank you for your generosity, it is greatly appreciated!!!!
Working on some hills in Vermont.  I’ve got my work cut out for me!!

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