Pan Mass Challenge… Inspiration continued

Wheeeeeeeee!  The Pan Mass Challenge is less than a week away!!  I am beyond excited to be taking part in this event this year.  I have done charity rides in the past, but this will be the largest (and the longest) event I have done.  And my longest ride EVER.  By a long shot.  I will be tired… and sore… but you better believe I’ll make it.  With a big ol’ shit-eatin’ grin on my face.  Because this is one of the most important events I have ever done. 

I have been absolutely LOVING my riding this year.  Training for the PMC has given me purpose on the bike (beyond my initial fears that I would end up in a heap on the side of the road somewhere between Sturbridge and Provincetown).  I love to ride, and training for this event has made riding so special.  Every pedal stroke has much more meaning than it ever did before.

New kit, new tires… Jazzy Pizazzy and ready to rock and roll!



There are a whole lot of people that I will be carrying with me in spirit as I pedal my way across Massachusetts. Every participant in this ride will.  Because this is REAL.  The money I have helped raise will go to incredibly important research and programs to help treat and, I can only hope one day cure each and every one of these cancers.  So, this is for all of you, those who are gone and those still here.  Your fights matter.  

I will hopefully be sharing a few more personal stories over the next week as I prepare to get out there and pedal my heart out.  But for tonight – this ride is dedicated to everyone.  Some very close to me, some I know only through others, but all close to my heart and a part of this journey.  Gram… Donna… Uncle Ralph… Grandma & Grandpa Brown… Grandpa Eisley…. Karin Diamond…. Josh Eudy…. A.N…. Brandon…. Laura Scarpa…..  just to name a few.  Unfortunately there are more.  There are many more.  This ride is for the hope that these dollars will help us get ahead;  to find curative treatments so that no one will have to face the prospect of losing a loved one to cancer ever again.  You will all be my wings, and the wind at my back.  Let’s ride together, for hope. 

As always, thank you for reading, and a huge thank you to all of my donors so far.  I have met my initial goal, and am now gunning for heavy hitter status!  Please consider a donation to my ride. Seriously – EVERY penny counts, and  no amount is too small to make a  

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