Zen and the art of packing… PMC edition

I have done quite a bit of packing for events over the past several years.  Almost all running, so I was a little nervous starting out my prep for the pan mass challenge.  A long two day bike ride isn’t exactly my area of expertise.  So, I broke it down into some nice easy steps.

STEP ONE:  make packing list


STEP TWO:  find things on said packing list

Not bad… Few missing things.

STEP THREE:  Run errands to find missing things on checkbox list.  For example… New water bottles that are not growing some sort of toxic black fungus in the little spout.  Try to forget about all the little black specks you have swallowed while training.  Throw up in your mouth a little thinking about it.  Buy a cute little sundress at TJ Maxx to console yourself (’cause well…. Shit…. You’re time on earth is probably limited now due to toxic fung-itis.  Might as well look cute, right?).
STEP FOUR:  remember that some of your things are packed in Rubbermaid containers in the new house you are in the process of moving into.  Rummage around feebly in garage looking for this.  Find nothing.  Give up.  Wonder how it took your husband 2.5 seconds to find a bike tube in that mess.
STEP FIVE:  crack a beer and get packing!


STEP SIX:  get distracted by your music, beer, snack, puppy, etc.  realize puppy stole one of your cycling gloves.  Chase her to get it back.  Wrangle your socks out of said puppy’s mouth.  Forget to check off the boxes on your nicely written list as you put things in the bag (verrrrrrry important step).  Start over, checking boxes this time.  Much better.
STEP SEVEN:  make mental and written note not to forget your damn bike.  Seriously.
STEP EIGHT:  check weather forecast again.  Second guess your choice of everything.  Give up and go to bed.  Thank god you’re not leaving until the afternoon, this mess can get sorted out in the morning!
Aaaaaaaand….. There you have it.  See? It’s just that easy!
And, of course, please consider a donation to my ride.  Every little bit helps!

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