Gone Fishin’

Well… Not me.  But my training schedule and discipline seem to have.   Just hung up the sign and headed on out.  Be back… Whenever.  

I suppose if I really went looking I could find them.  (Likely sitting next to each other at the bar enjoying a craft IPA and swapping stories.  “Remember that time she actually used us?  Ha!”)

           Cheers to that!

Around this time every year I hit a bit of a lull.   I just don’t wanna!!!  You can’t make me!!  Rather bad timing, with the Vermont 50 (50k this year! ) coming up I should be finishing up my long runs and getting in some last quality training.  Instead I’m letting life get in the way.  And you know what??  That’s OK.
I had a really solid long run last week.  22 miles, and overcame a really crappy first half to get the miles in.  And then….. Shit went downhill fast.    This week?  I worked a ton (4 or 5 12 hour shifts a week in a busy ER do not a spry and motivated runner make).   The weather was downright sauna-like.  My few short runs felt like hell.  Literally.  Might have accidentally passed through there.  Hot weather is NOT my friend.  
Over the weekend we went camping, a little end of summer trip to the Cape.  LOVE!!  My plan was to get up early on Saturday to get my long run in exploring he park before everyone was up.  I woke up, it was still dark, and…. That didn’t happen.  So instead, I put my paws up and enjoyed some much needed R&R with my family.  We biked, ate, ate, drank, drank, and had a great and relaxing time.  No stressing about the mileage I wasn’t putting in.  Because you know what? It will be fine!  I will not stress.  I will strap my Pearl iZumi’s back on and get back to it.  And I will enjoy it, because that’s what this is all about!!   And I will NOT feel bad about missing a weekend of running plans.  Sometimes that is what the brain needs.  The legs?  Well we’ll just hope they are on board.

And on that note…. Time to get back to it!  I’m excited for Vermont, but I will also be running my first marathon (trail of course) at the Stonecat Trail Marathon in November.  I am hoping to be able to run a good race there, so my training is focused mainly on that for now.  Vermont will be a great long run with friends :-). 
What are you getting ready for??  What do you do when your motivation fails??  

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