In the long run

I don’t know about you, but the long run is always my favorite part of my training.  Yes, I like to feel the burn and sense of accomplishment that a good interval or hill workout brings.  But the rambling hours of my long runs are what I love best.

They take me to places on the trails (and sometimes road.  I’m embracing the road more) that I wouldn’t otherwise see.   That is what I love best about trail ultras too…. Great people, magical scenery.  Love!  So here are a few scenes from along the way of my training and racing.  Time to keep the legs loose and moving, less than two weeks until the Vermont 50.  Hooray!

Mom on the right… Look closely, baby to the left of the tree.  So cute!

What went up, must come back down.

Pick a blaze, any blaze

Who doesn’t love a farm??


Creep in a tree

This stick had a head…. And was lookin’ at me

Yes. There’s a trail in there. Love New England



Bird….. Rock




Time to put the legs up and chill out (a little).  Can’t wait for Vermont, and planning for stonecat after that.   Who’s prepping for a big Fall race? Best time of year ever!!   Good luck!!!

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