Ode to the Road

First things first, let’s get one thing straight… I am NOT a road runner.   My preferred method of run travel is in the dirt, trying (and most always failing) not to trip and go ass over teakettle into the woods.  I love mud.  I stomp in puddles.  I’m dirty.  (not that kind of dirty… get your mind out of the gutter).

But… I don’t live in one of those magical houses where miles and miles of perfect trails are right outside my doorstep (close these days, but not that perfect).  So, sometimes (often times) I have to hit the road.   It’s just easier.  But getting ready for a road run typically entailed a lot of this…

But, ever so slowly, I learned to embrace the pavement.  Well… tolerate anyway.  It’s more of an ass-out hug.   Let’s not go crazy here.  And lo and behold – it ain’t so bad after all!

I must be honest.  Our recent change of scenery has helped tremendously.  Instead of taking my life in my hands dodging traffic (and the occasional unsavory character) I zoom down the driveway and into country girl heaven.  With scenes like these, it’s easy to not hate (note…. I did not say like) the road.







Ok.. it’s not all paradise.  Someone dumped this dirty old mattress on our property.  I guess if I need a nap mid run I’m good?  ewwwwwwww

The road is a good way to pick up the pace and get the leg turnover going.  I have been doing some unstructured fartlek-y training runs around here lately and speed is improving (slowly but surely)!  And my new Pearl Izumi M3 road shoes are cushy heaven! 

I will always be at home in the woods.  But I’m bunking up on the road… and while it’s not the Ritz, it’s no bates motel either.  Well played country road, well played.   

Are you a trail runner or a road runner?  Which do you love best and why?  Would you sleep on that dirty mattress for 100 bucks?  Will you take it to the dump for me?

2 thoughts on “Ode to the Road

  1. Thank you! I live in a beautiful area now, I'm very lucky. And you will most likely fall at some point on a trail run…. but you'll also probably make it out alive 😉 (just a little dirty and bruised haha).


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