Thirsty Thursday – Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer Review

Those who know me,  know I like to enjoy a tasty, tasty beverage (or two… or three… nevermind.).   They will also attest to the fact that I am a total hop-head.  I love big IPA’s – mmmmm hops.  A delicious porter or stout is always high on my list.  Most of our trips involve a stopover at whatever local craft brewery we can find on the way.  We are amassing a rather robust growler collection.  Yep, I love my beer.

Which is why this review will probably take a lot of people by surprise.  Crabbie’s is probably not something I ever would have tried, if I hadn’t stumbled on it while riding in the Pan Mass Challenge this year.   There are a slew of sponsors that help make this event amazing.  Among them are some food and beverage companies, and Crabbie’s was one of them. 

The scene:  Dinner Friday night before the ride.  I had finished my last swig of Harpoon IPA (another huge PMC Sponsor… I told you I’m a big beer drinker.  And yes, I was drinking beer before the ride.  And after.  Don’t judge.)  We headed back to the Harpoon tent only to find they had shut down for the night.  GASP!  What was a girl to do??? Surely not have a glass of water. 

Enter…. Crabbie’s (original).  Someone brought over a glass of this strange new brew.   It was over ice!  With a lime!  But it came out of a bottle.  I was confused… intrigued.  I normally snub my nose at all things fruity and un-beer like.  Assume it is icky sweet fake flavored.  Blech.  But ginger is one of my spicy-delicious favorite flavors, so I had hope. I took a sip. Aaaaaaand…….

Wow!  Delicious!!!  I was so pleasantly surprised.  It is sweet, don’t get me wrong.  But delightfully crisp and spicy.  As the bottle says, best served over ice with a wedge of lime.  A cup of Crabbie’s became our nightly PMC ritual.  And I was so excited to find it locally when we got home.  My Vermont 50-eve drink choice?  A delicious Crabbie’s with dinner at Bentley’s in Woodstock VT.  Many of my outdoor pursuits have become #poweredbycrabbies 🙂  It is a great option when you want something light, refreshing, and very drinkable.  Perfect for a light summer meal or snack, yet robust enough to make that cool weather transition.  Crabbie’s with a nice roasted root veggie dish or pumpkin pie?  Yes, please!  It is also a tasty tasty gluten free option for those who have the most unfortunate inability to drink gluten-y beer.  

I usually go with the original.  There is also a spiced orange flavor that is just as tasty! 

So, Cheers!  Drink up, and give Crabbie’s a try

Cheers!  Camping with Crabbie’s in Acadia National Park

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