VT 50’s a-comin!

Tomorrow we head to Vermont for the Vermont 50, on Sunday September 29.  This is, by far, my favorite event!!  This year is the 20th anniversary of the 50, and will be my 6th year running.  This race has such a great, friendly vibe….  it is huge, with hundreds of mountain bikers and runners heading … More VT 50’s a-comin!

Pre-Race Jitters

Tomorrow I take on my longest challenge yet… the inaugural Hampshire 100k ultra run in Greenfield, NH.  This has been a 100 mile/100k mountain bike for the past 7 years, and this year they decided to add a run into the mix. It sounded fun (well, at least a few months ago it did.  Not … More Pre-Race Jitters

Lemonade, Anyone?

You know the old saying… “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”.  In other words, stop being so damn pessimistic, and look for the positive aspects of your situation.  Make the best of what you’ve got.  Life happens.  Things happen.  They always will.  It’s how we react to these things that counts.  I decided a … More Lemonade, Anyone?

Highs and Lows

High as a kite (runner’s high, that is) Lately, my runs have been either really good, or crap-py.   It’s just one of the things that makes being a runner interesting.  Ya take the good with the bad.   First, the good:  After losing a little ground with a cranky IT band, I was reeeeeally itching … More Highs and Lows

Happy 2013!

Happy (belated) New Year everyone!  I’ve decided to spark the blog back up, after taking a little hiatus from everything during the Fall.  After finishing the Bimbler’s Bluff 50k in October (never wrote a race report for that one… maybe I still will)  I took a nice break that included planting myself firmly on the … More Happy 2013!

Tough Decisions

So, after months of anticipation, uncertainty, battling injury, and working my way slowly back to some semblance of a “normal” unbroken runner I finally confronted the fact that I have been faced with making a pretty big decision.  While mentally I am strong and want nothing more than to test my limits and see what … More Tough Decisions